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  Khushboo E Hassaan | Hazrat Hafeez Taib R.A
  We are here : Khushboo E Hassaan  »  Hazrat Hafeez Taib R.A  
Hazrat Hafeez Taib R.A

Hafeez Taib is one of those prominent and famous Naatia Poets who have become a symbol of honour and esteem for the recent times. He raised the flag of Naat at the time when most of the poets were misapplying there abilities on the lascivious themes of Ghazals. The whole world began resounding with Hafeez Taib’s Naat. He rose to be a shinning star on the horizons of Naatia Poetry of 20th century being composed in Pakistan. His poetry enlightened the darkened hearts.

His poetry is peculiar in the sense that it encompasses characteristics of Holy Prophet (S.A.W.) with reference to Quran and Hadith. Moreover it discloses the whole Islamic History to the common reader.

Here is some important information about his life.

Real Name                   Abdul Hafeez (14th February 1931 to 13th June 2004)

Native City                   “Ahmad Nagar” District Gujranwala

Education                     M.A. (Punjabi) from Punjab University in 1974

Written Books

  1. Sallo Alaihay wa Aalayhi (A collection of Urdu Naatia Poetry)
  2. Sik Mitran De (Punjabi Naatia Poetry)
  3. Wa Sallay Mu Tasleema (Urdu Naatia Poetry)
  4. Wohi Yaseen Wohi Taha (Urdu Naatia Poetry)
  5. Manaqib (A collection of Urdu Manqbat)
  6. Leikh (Punjabi Hamd, Naat, Nazm, Ghazal and Geet)
  7. Kosarria (Urdu Naatia Poetry)
  8. Naseeb (A collection of Urdu Ghazals)
  9. Taabeer (Urdu qomi wa milli Manzomat)
  10. Kulliat-e-Hafeez Taib (A collection of Urdu, Punjabi Hamd-o-Naat) Published after death
  11. Ashabi Kalnajoom (Deewan Manaqib-e-Ashab) Published after death
  12. Hazarian (Punjabi Safarnama Hajj and Umrah)
  13. Hazoorian (A collection of Naatia Kalam on Hazri and Hazoori)
  14. Be-Chehargi (Baqiat-e-Ghazal)

There is also a list of his research work (Tehqeeq, Tadveen, Tanqeed) and research papers.

He achieved 18 awards including pride of performance by the President of Pakistan and there are a no. of books written and thesis work done on his personality.

His biography is mentioned briefly on the official website of Hafeez Taib Foundation Lahore Pakistan (www.hafeeztaibfoundation.org)

Hazrat Hafeez Taib R.A Ki Yaad Main
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Tribute To Hazrat Hafeez Taib R.A In Great Program With Tasleem Ahmed Sabri
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