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  Aiwan e Naat | Tasleem Ahmed Sabri
  We are here : Aiwan e Naat  »  Tasleem Ahmed Sabri  
Tasleem Ahmed Sabri
Sahibzada Tasleem Ahmad Sabri opened his eyes in a religious family in Karachi. He spent his childhood and early youth beneath the humble and noble charisma of Syed Muhammad Abdullah Shah (Mian Jee), an enormous and virtuous saint of Qadria and Chishtia School of Sophia in Karachi, who passed away in 1989 and laid down to rest in an elegantly built shrine in Korangi. Tasleem’s father, Muhammad Adil Sabri is the Sajjadah Nasheen in succession and custodian of the Shrine. Sahibzada Tasleem Ahmad Sabri had natural interest in speech from the childhood and contested in scores of such programs during school and College life and won numerous awards and trophies; because of his upbringing in a religious and spiritual milieu, he even developed interest in Naat and study of Seerat-e-Rassol (SAW). He got the Graduation & Post Graduation in Accounts and Finance, and also served in the Accounts & Finance Department of an organization in Karachi for few years. From early 90’s, he started holding the responsibility of comparing in Naat and Seerat programs in public gatherings and also at PTV. He joined ARY Digital Group, the largest media group in Pakistan in 2004. When their Islamic Channel, QTV started in the end of 2004, Sahibzada Tasleem Ahmad Sabri was the first person who appeared on the screen. Within the shortest span of appearance, he turned into one of the most loved and admired anchors and compares for Islamic Talk Shows and Naat programs throughout the World. “Sehri Time” Transmissions with Tasleem Sabri has been one of his most popular Islamic programs on QTV in the month of Ramzan ul Mubarak every year. Millions of people around the World know and love him due to this program. QTime is also a unique program, in which he has interviewed many celebrities about their personal life, religious interests and activities. Occasionally, he compares in Naat and Seerat programs on QTV and gives a different style of comparing which is liked by the viewers round the globe. He has widely traveled within the country and in other countries like UAE, Saudi Arabia, India, Bangladesh, and UK etc., on invitation for such programs. For the first time in the history of Naat, his two CDs ‘Tasleemat’ and ‘Tasleem-o-Raza’ were released in 2006 & 2007, in which he recited the Naat in Tehtul Lafz style which set a new trend. He is one of the very few persons who recorded the Urdu translation of whole the Quran e Majeed in their voice. During the month of Ramzan, Tilawat-e-Quran and its Urdu translation was telecasted on QTV, in which Urdu translation was narrated by him. This Tilawat-e-Quran with Urdu translation is also available on CD. His hobbies include playing Cricket and reading books. He is a well read person, and remembers thousands of stanzas by heart and shares these with public, which are very much liked and appreciated by Naat lovers from all walks of life around the World. Sahibzada Tasleem Ahmad Sabri has a pleasant and witty personality and has a good sense of humor, enjoyed by his family and close circle of friends.
Sallo Alay Hay Wa Alay He
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27-11-2014, A Great Voice Of Pakistan Tasleem Ahmed Sabri At Gujrat

Mere Nabi Ke Haseen Talwey
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 / 4
Total Views: 227  
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27-11-2014, A Great Sufi Maqsood Tabssum Kalam With A Great Voice Of Pakistan Tasleem Ahmed Sabri At Gujrat,,

Warafana Laka Zikrak, 19-01-2014 At Aiwan e Iqbal Lahore.
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 / 17
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19-01-2014 A Great Urdu Naat e Pak With Great Voice Of Pakistan Tasleem Ahmed Sabri In Aiwan e Iqbal Lahore ,, Recording From Koh e NoorTv

Jab Ankhon Se Lagai Jaye Gi
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 / 51
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Tasleem Ahmed Sabri In Mehfil e Naat 10th Jan 2013 Sudani Club Dubai

Dolat e Dareen Ho Gi
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 / 19
Total Views: 747  
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Tasleem Ahmed Sabri In 10.11.2012 Mehfil e Naat Eid Gah Sharif Rawalpindi

Dar e Nabi Par Parha Rahon Ga
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 / 39
Total Views: 2346  
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Tasleem Ahmed Sabri And Zulfiqar Ali With Amazing Style In Shab e Barat Mehfil e Naat Qtv 2011

Madinah Madinah Madinah Madinah
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 / 15
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Tasleem Ahmed Sabri In Convention Center Islamabad

Allah Hoo Allah Hoo
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Tasleem Ahmed Sabri In Kuwait

Sada Lab Pey ho Jab
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Kalam : Adeeb Raipuri , Tasleem Sabri In Qtv

Jab Tera Khaalaq e Aalam Ne Banaya Saya
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Tasleem Ahmed Sabri In Qtv

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